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Photograph Weston Neil Andersen at 91 in Maine Art Photography Show

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Photograph Weston Neil Andersen at 91 in Maine Art Photography Show

My photograph of my Dad, taken when he was 91 was accepted into the Maine Photography Show, curated by Tillman Crane

Dad died on the last day of February this year at the Age of 93. I am sure it was his decision. He slept for three days before his death. I have never before seen him sleep so long and so peacefully. My sister checked on him at 5 am on the day he died. He was still sleeping peacefully but she said, he had a large smile on his face.

They say he threw a blood clot and then had a heart attack. It was quite sudden.  He has a strong  presence still. I understand what he wants for us to do and I hope we are up to it. I always told hin that you have to have faith. I have a feeling he found it before he died and that faith includes a faith in us.

So  Dad’s picture will hang in the Maine Photography show at the Boothbay Art Foundation, a foundation that he helped to start.

It is the first of my photographs that I have printed. Printing is just as much a part of the process as taking the picture and then editing the picture.  i look forward to printing many of my other photographs .

The reception is on April 10 from 5-7

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